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Savvy Services

For many authors, the self-promotion side of things feels like the hardest part of the job. IHere's your chance to hand all that over for a super reasonable price. Read more about what we offer below. 

One-Off Fee

Monthly Fee, cancel at any time

Monthly Fee, cancel at any time

Monthly Fee, cancel at any time

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The premium services we have access to

t can also be expensive too if you want to automate it, with professional upgrades on websites like Canva and BookBrush leading to costly outlays. We already have subscriptions to those tools, and a wealth of experience in social media and content creation. I have premium accounts with the following websites. This means I have access to a wider range of images and tools then you might have with a free account. Many people who offer the services I'm offering here also use this tools. But many will just have free access, or aren't as transparents about it.

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