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Welcome to Savvy Writers!

Savvy Writers is aimed at helping published writers become the best authors they can be. If you're a published author with one book under your belt or a hundred, with a publishing house or self published, you're in the right place. 

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Why Sign Up For Unlimited Access? 

For just £35 a year (that's less than £3 a month... a lot less than other subscription-based author services out there), you will get full, unlimited access to: 

  • ALL articles offering advice and tips to help published authors at every step of their journey

  • A regularly updated directory of everything a published author may need to help them in their day-to-day writing life, including:

    • Retreats, stays, festivals, and conferences specifically useful for published authors

    • Services and suppliers from Facebook ad experts to blog tour operators, PAs and more

    • Courses to help published authors enhance their skills

    • Resources to help enhance your writing life, from podcasts to lists of books on writing

  • Next Level Writing area, where we will pull in a range of resources to help you take your writing up a level

  • Savvy Wellbeing, a section dedicated to tips and hints for authors who want to be their healthiest and therefore, most creative, selves


To sign up, just click on the button below. To learn even more about Savvy Writers, check the content below. 


Why Was Savvy Writers Set Up? 

Savvy Writers was set up by author Tracy Buchanan to address the lack of resources and support available specifically for published authors. The fact is, the roller coaster ride doesn't end when your books go out into the world. Even if you have a publisher and an agent, it can often feel like you're left fending for yourself when your publishing dream becomes a reality. 

Before this website was launched, it all started out at a Facebook group–the Savvy Writers' Snug. Now she's taking it a step further with Savvy Writers, an information hub where authors can get all they need in one place.

Who's Tracy Buchanan?

The founder of Savvy Writers

Tracy is a bestselling novelist of women's fiction and psychological suspense, who's had books published around the world with publishers ranging from HarperCollins and Random House to Bookouture and Amazon Publishing. Her new crime series was bought at auction by Bonnier Books and will hit shelves in July 2024. 


Even though she's onto her eleventh book now, with some bestselling books under her belt, it's not been plain sailing. From one month to the next, she can never quite predict what literary challenge is going to be thrown at her. So she needs Savvy Writers just as much as any other published author out there! 

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