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Savvy Wellbeing

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We authors hear it all the time. How looking after ourselves physically and mentally will do wonders for our writing. For some writers, it comes easy. The healthy eating. The regular exercise. The meditation and the mantras. For others, it's a drag. We make promises to ourselves. Routines are set. But slowly, surely, resolve drips away, too easily excused when the very act of writing is so tied into a sedentary way of life. 


So how do we change that? In Savvy Wellbeing, we will share content and resources to help you improve your wellbeing, all aimed at enhancing your focus and creativity, and ensuring you don't fall into the health pitfalls that come with sitting at your desk all day! This includes: 

  • A guide you can print out and pin up to all the food and liquids to consume to enhance your creativity 

  • Articles relevant to health and wellbeing for authors

  • Listing of books to help

  • Videos of yoga sessions and more aimed at authors 

To get access, sign up by clicking on the link below. 

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