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Universal Fantasy

Universal Fantasy became a buzz phrase among authors after 7 Figure Fiction by T Taylor was released. T Taylor, as well as many bestselling authors, is convinced injecting Universal Fantasy into their books, blurbs and marketing is the reason for their success. But what the hell is Universal Fantasy? To sum up, I'd say it incapsulates all the fantasies we as humans dream about. It's those transformational 'zero to hero' fantasies. It's the untouchables only you can touch. It's the families and communities who wrap you up in their arms. It's that One Big Love. Obvious, delicious stuff. Or 'butter' as T Taylor calls it. 

Here's a list of some of the main UFs. But if you really want to dig deep and understand why and how this works, I'd really recommend buying T. Taylor's book. But for a general overview, here's a list I made... 

  • Badass Cinderella / Slay goddess

  • Being removed from your boring life

  • Being waited on hand and foot

  • Bossholes

  • Comeback kids

  • Competition

  • Created families

  • Created worlds with rules, scandals, secrets and questions

  • Faithful dog (could be actual dog or sidekick)

  • Instalove / true love match

  • Not just any gift. The right gift

  • One night stand is the one

  • Overcoming parental privilege

  • Pluck rewarded

  • Suffering main character

  • The 'bully' really likes you

  • The amazing makeover

  • The fixer-upper

  • The love triangle

  • The most popular and / or powerful person chooses you

  • Wounded character who can only be saved by you

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